Nadine & Chris´ Blog
USA 2017

Day 6: Artist Garage Sales

A wonderful opportunity to dig through everything a (potential) artist needs ...

Anita came over to join us in exploring the offer at the Garage Sales

By the time Mom and Anita had done their tour, Nadine and I had done the tour 3, 4, 5 ... times. And we bought enough that we now have to consider buying another suitcase, paying for excess bagage or ship some items by post.


Day 5: Scrapbook Expo in Puyallup

After all the cultural the day before, we had a great day at the Scrapbook Expo.

We got a lot of good ideas how to create scrapbooks along with the possibility to buy everything you need to create them ;)

One of the best parts of that day was, of course, meeting old friends that I haven´t seen for so long: Ted, Val and Rachel.

Thanks, Ted, for inviting us all to dinner to BJ´s. We had a really great time!


Day 4: The Terracotta Warriors

Finally, on this day, we made it to the Pacific Science Center to see the famous Terracotta Warriors from Xian.

It was an absolutely amazing experience as they really had 10 original (!) figures there. The rest of the exhibition was filled up with replica to show much more impressive they had been in a group. There were the infantrymen, the cavalrymen, the generals, the musicians, the archers. And, last but not least, the horses!


Day 3: Pike´s Place Market

On our schedule for the third day was the Terracotta Army, a special exhibition at the Pacific Science Center. Somehow, Mom mixed up the schedule, and we ended up at Pike´ Place Market. Not a bad thing.

We had picked up Ruby before, so the four girls of us had a really fun time out there watching the fish stand with the "flying fish" , the stands with the flowers, spices, arts & crafts and so on. Had something to eat from the Piroshky snack bar enjoying that watching Puget Sound. Was wonderful.

Continued on to the mall at Pike´s Place to the "magic shop". While Nadine and I were looking through their assortment and Mom and Ruby sat on the stairs chatting, there was that guy coming in and out of the blue handing that wonderful rose to Mom. That was a surprise. The owner of that shop chuckled and told us a couple of stories like that that had happened in his store. He talked about his stay in the UK where he enjoyed "John Smith´ Extra Smooth" which he was not able to find back in the US. Until that day when a nice young woman showed up in his store with eight cans of "John Smith´". If that wasn´t magic!


Day 2: Back to Seattle (yeah!) and Edmonds
Sub Title: "Nadine experiencing the American Feeling"

After having a bit of a slow start, we set up our schedule, booked the City Passes for Seattle that include visit to the Space Needle (incl. VIP treatment in order to get around the long queue that´s waiting to go up :) Other than that we will be able to visit the Chiluly exhibition, Pacific Science Center, Seattle Aquarium, the EMP (now Museum of Pop) and enjoy a harbor tour with Arcosy cruises.

Moreover, as there is that special exhibition at the Pacific Science Center which is the Terracotta Army (!), we decided to buy tickets for that special event as well. We did that on our way to Edmonds stopping at Costco´s.

When we made it to Edmonds Mom and Nadine were hungry (oh my, just coming from the breakfast table at home ;)

So we went to a nice little restaurant called "Cheesemungers".After having sandwiches or (vegan) tomato soup we were fully charged and up for the ceramic painting workshop at "Amazed & Glazed". You pick a piece of unpainted ceramics there (a mug, a plate, a soup bowl or some decorative item) that you can paint and design the way you like it. Of course, it has to go to a kiln afterwards, so that it takes a few days until you can pick it up. We all are very excited to see the outcome of our work next Sunday!


Day 1: Arriving in Seattle
Sub Title: "Folklife Festival"

Arriving at Seatac after an 11-hour flight.

Mom picked us up and we went straight to the festival. Very lively. Lots of music, dance, performance, arts, crafts and so on. Nice warm sunny weather that we enjoyed along with a lot of other people of all kinds.

We took part in an Indian dance workshop (Kathak), then moved on to the pavillion where you could experience drums. The instructor gave us a rhythm, and in the end we were a group of maybe 30 people who performed like one group drumming like crazy and making a lot of noise and a good rhythm.

The Acapella group was also very nice to experience. After a couple of hours, we made our way home